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Effects of Sports Concussions Can Last A Lifetime

NeuroSport™ is a comprehensive researched-based concussion evaluation. Our system will drastically help prevent concussions as well as improve brain health, the recovery of concussion-related injuries, and the ability to make reliable return-to-play decisions.

Making Sports Safe for Future Generations

NeuroSport™ is a leading concussion evaluation center, offering comprehensive concussion testing, valuable resources on brain health for pre and post-injury, and “Return to Play” baseline examinations for athletes. The examination consists of 6 protocols that last approximately 2 hours.


6 Step Concussion Evaluation

The NeuroSport™ research-based 6 step concussion evaluation allows our board-certified neurologists to evaluate functions in specific areas of the brain and body, such as motor, cognitive and sensory functions, eye movements, cranial nerves, balance, and gait. The data reveals areas of the brain that have been affected by the concussion, which then helps us develop a targeted concussion evaluation plan.

Neurological Examination and History

Athletes undergo a concussion history and neurocognitive examination interview by a board-certified neurologist. In the event of a concussion, our board-certified experts reassess these functions post-injury and compare the results with the initial baseline scores. These comparisons allow us to devise the most suitable concussion evaluation solutions.


Neurocognitive testing: Includes computer tests that accurately measure core elements of cognition, such as short-term memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability.

Eye Movement

We utilize a high-performance device that uses virtual reality to assess abnormal eye movement.


A standardized concussion treatment protocol is used to obtain a comprehensive baseline for the patient. In the event of a concussion, a post-concussion balance testing program, Balance Error Scoring System, is applied to assess any changes.


We utilize a 3D simulator that measures moment-to-moment reaction time, acceleration, speed, and distance traveled. It also tests stamina, balance, coordination, reaction time, visual perception, and mobility for improved performance, safety, and confidence.


A neurofeedback therapy assessment analyzes the electrical activity of the brain to measure and display patterns that correspond to brain health.

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Why NeuroSport™?

If you or someone you love plays contact sports, they have a 100% risk exposure to brain damage that could manifest throughout their life. As athletes become increasingly bigger, faster, and stronger, we see an alarming increase in the number of reported concussions. The latest research indicates that between 1.6M – 3.8M concussions in sports occur annually.

For the last fifty years, parents, doctors, and coaches have not developed a system to prevent and track concussions, putting athletes at risk of long-term effects of concussion. Furthermore, athletes often return to play without making a full concussion recovery, putting themselves at risk for second impact syndrome – a life-threatening brain injury.

NeuroSport™ Mission

The NeuroSport™ mission is to keep athletes of all ages playing the sports they love without risking the lifelong, debilitating effects of head injuries. We also actively promote the awareness and education of concussion prevention and management among athletes, coaches, trainers, and parents.

If our board-certified neurologists determine the athlete can “Return to Play,” NeuroSport™ will provide medical clearance as defined by the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee of the Florida High School Athletic Association. This will allow the athlete to immediately return to the playing field.

The “Return to Play” examination will provide athletes with a baseline reference in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of future head trauma or potential brain health risks.


Monitoring Your Brain Health

The NeuroSport™ Concussion Center has a FREE application which monitors brain-performance, whereby the athlete can gauge both positive and negative changes in cognition or motor ability that occur in daily life. It also provides objective data that you can easily incorporate into your fitness or wellness plan.

Roberto Brain Application
Establish Normal Range
Roberto Brain Application
Monitor Scores
Roberto Brain Application
Track Lifestyle Changes

To find out how this user-friendly brain health and wellness tool can help you, contact a NeuroSport™ professional today.

Start Protecting Your Future

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